Create a strategic plan for progress, peace of mind

Business Planning

Not having a business plan is like going shopping without a shopping list – you’ll end up pursuing things you don’t need to be pursuing, or you will forget to do things that you need to do.

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Innovate to survive

Some of my past blogs have touched on the need for SMEs today to think outside the square, be innovative and embrace change. We live in an ever-changing world so it’s vital you and your business keep pace. Today we’ll

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Preparing a marketing strategy

  By CAROLYN JEFFREY* So you’ve decided you need a marketing strategy, now it’s time to consider the driving elements behind your strategy. Here we go through the considerations. What do you want to achieve from your strategy?  Clearly you

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Planning is worth the investment

Renowned American scientist, inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”   Is that what you want for your new business venture? It is vital that anyone about to embark on such a

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